16, The Strand is a Grade 2 listed building situated in the harbour area of Torquay.

This really was a fantastic and very enjoyable job for us, in which we worked closely with the surveyor to achieve the end result.

The building was very unsafe and had had scaffolding up on a safety procedure for a number of years.

The large bay window going up the centre of the building was very unsafe and falling away. There were several sections that we carefully propped and took down to the brickwork to be able to inspect the structural steelwork. Once the surveyor had inspected and given the all clear we treated the steels with a rust inhibitor, carefully shuttered them up and re-concreted them to get back the structural strength that was needed.

We managed to source a company that was able to make some new bricks which were a perfect colour match, and the material consistent throughout. Once we had the bricks onsite we replaced a large number of flat bricks, but also replaced many moulded bricks, which we worked by hand insitu.


After carrying out a considerable amount of repointing using silver sand and lime putty, we set out to repair the terracotta. After sourcing the perfect colour matched mortar we carried out extensive repairs to the bay window, including several stainless steel pins, and a complete rebuild of the badly damaged window base.

We then completely overhauled the large sign along the bottom of the first floor, reforming the lettering and finishing off with a full shelter coat.

We are very proud of this project and it’s one of our favourites to date.