Halswell House is a Grade 1 listed building situated in Goathurst, Somerset.

We undertook quite a selection of works on this building.

Two seperate floating floors were installed. This involved laying blue lias flooring to two balconies using a pedestal system. The joints were left open so water could drain through to a specialist waterproof membrane, then run off through an outlet in the wall.

In the garden we created some beautiful hand carved ham stone coping stones which were made bespoke to follow the curve of the original wall, and then a very large hand carved door head in two pieces with an arched top.

We also made new blue lias stone steps, retaining some of the original steps at the client’s request. The new stones were completely made from details on other parts of the building, all being hand worked.

Whilst on site we also did some structural openings inside the building. This was a delicate task, with care being taken not to disturb too much of the historic material.