The Osborne Hotel is a Grade 2 listed building situated near Meadfoot beach in Torquay, more commonly known as Hesketh Crescent.

We were called in to look at the Portland stone balconies. They had been closed off for a number of years due to the iron railings not meeting the requirements for height, therefore being unsafe.

The balconies had started to show signs of cracking on the front edge due to the iron railings rusting and expanding. When we got there we felt we needed to investigate further, so set about removing the paint to get a better look at the stone. Once the paint was removed it became obvious that there were much bigger problems with the stone than originally thought.

Several areas had very large and dangerous cracking running through them, and in some parts stone would just fall away when gently touched.

We worked very closely with a structural engineer cutting out damaged sections and fixing new stone, with a combination of notched joints and stainless steel pins.

This work is ongoing and we are very pleased to be a part of making the balcony stone solid and safe when the project is complete.